Thursday, 21 June 2007

No Soup For You!!

OK. So we got 'Best Use of Prop' and 'Best Use of Dialogue' and we came third in our city final. The short was also submitted in the Wildcard selection - so Peter Jackson has seen our film - but we didn't get through. The standard is really high judging by the films you can see on YouTube.

We're all naturally disappointed but 'One Man's War' is pretty good. So well done to them and good luck for the finals. I'm sure the coast will be putting up some good competition on Sunday 1st and TXTing madly for the Toko brothers.

There's a lot of 'discussion' going on in the 48hour forum about the Gisborne results here. Last time I looked it was the most active thread on the whole site. Classic.

I think our film was OK. We've certainly learned a lot and I think we'll be back with more 'edge' next year.

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